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God is everywhere. God is You… In You… Around You… Outside of You… And in God, there is You! Do you “get” that? In other words, God is absolutely everything. Not just some external “figure”. When we embrace this Knowing; Connecting and Becoming becomes much easier. _/|\_

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“Whatever happens today, know that everything is an experience that is needed to help you along in your journey. Embrace the experience(s) with openness, love, Light, and gratitude. Be IN the moment and do not worry about what past and what is to come. There is a reason for everything…” ~ Leyla Hur

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Everything is in the attitude of the mind. You can be happy in the midst of sadness, positive in the center of negativity, wealthy in the bleakness of poverty… How you CHOOSE to accept situations and things, is up to you. You can also CHANGE your attitude in an instant. So, if you are feeling downcast with your current situation, seek joy in the smallest thing(s) and build on it until you are radiating complete joy and Divine Love. _/|\_

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"Every single thing that you feel or experience, you CHOOSE to feel and experience. When you have anger, you are choosing to feel anger. When you have sadness, you are choosing to feel sadness. When you are happy, you are choosing happiness. When you are fulfilled, you choose to be fulfilled. You control your life, your journey. No one, and no thing, can "make you" feel a certain way, or (re) act in a certain way, it always your choice. And you also have the choice to change the way you feel or (re) act.

For example, if you are in constant pain, you can choose to give in to that pain and experience depression, sadness, anger, etc., and feel worse for having the pain; or you can acknowledge the pain is there, but choose to love, laugh, and enjoy life in spite of that pain.

In every single experience, we have a lesson(s) to learn. It is our whole purpose of Being. It is up to you whether you choose to embrace the lesson with gladness or with sadness - but remember, lessons not learned, are always due to be repeated. _/|\_” ~ Leyla Hur