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We’re All Perfect

In the past, I have often spoken about labels, but I felt inspired to speak about this again, and to also extend this a little further - to the seeking of the label of “perfection”. I want to speak about those labels that we assign ourselves, and those that we assign to others. It seems, our species is one where we feel uncomfortable simply accepting individuals, without having to place others in a category.

It also feels as if we assign guilt to ourselves through these labels. And the labeling and the self-guilt imposition, seems to also go hand-in-hand.

A friend recently divulged to me that they felt guilty because another friend was a drug addict, and that they had helped to perpetuate the addiction. And even though, the friend who is addicted had forgiven my friend their part in the addiction, my friend still held on to that guilt.

I told my friend that in any situation, barring that they had tied the friend down and stuck a needle full of drugs into their arm, the other person always has a choice. They can choose to fall into the trap of drugs, or they can choose to say “No”.

This is the same with every situation in life. We can choose to fall into the trap of… (fill in the blank), or we can choose to say no.

If we get upset at something someone says, we are choosingto allow the other person to have an affect over us, and choosing to react to the words said.

How does all this go hand-in-hand with labeling? For one, when we label ourselves, we are giving other people permission to see us as the label portrays us. So for instance  … Continue reading