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Universal Truth and Enlightenment: Oneness Is The Cure-All


We are all One regardless of race, religion, orientation, or colour. Oneness transcends the physicality’s that are in the physical.

Oneness is Universal, it is etheric, it is Spirit, and it is Connection.

The moment we tap into that Oneness, embrace it in knowing-ness, is the moment that we…

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Universal Truth and Enlightenment: Why Spirituality Doesn't Always "Work"


Many people embrace the idea of creating positive change in their lives. They begin by going through the motions - maybe buying self-help books, watching inspiring and uplifting movies that talk about creating positive change. Maybe they will begin to meditate, or they will seek out a Spiritual…

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God is everywhere. God is You… In You… Around You… Outside of You… And in God, there is You! Do you “get” that? In other words, God is absolutely everything. Not just some external “figure”. When we embrace this Knowing; Connecting and Becoming becomes much easier. _/|\_

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“Many people equate Spirituality with religion or a religious path. I don’t believe that one necessarily must equate one to another. And while it is a widely held belief this is the norm, I believe that even athiests and agnostics can be deeply spiritual.

Spirituality, to me, is the acknowledgement of Self. For the individual who believes in an external Diety, this “Self” is the God-within - a part of God dwelling within Self, but for those who are without a religious domination or belief in a Diety, that sense of Self is the conscience.

Believing and acknowledging and KNOWING the Self within, accepting ones-Self unconditionally, is itself a deep spirituality. When one can love their Self unconditionally, separate from EGO, they can accept others around them, their environment, their experiences completely and unconditionally. When one can come to that Self-Centered-ness (again, without the EGO and societies definition of such), one can come to a Completeness and a Oneness. At that time, individuals can then disengage themselves from the situation(s) surrounding them, and can acknowledge them as simply that “situations” and not see the situations as “personal attacks” and dis-ease on the psyche. Once this disengagment of emotion and EGO can be achieved, one can view situations as nothing more than milemarkers to their Self-Spiritual growth, mind-expansion and can then acknowledge situations without becoming emotionally entangled and buried under stress, which can often lead to Self-sabotage.” _/|\_

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Today, if you find yourself angry, extend yourself to love someone. If you find yourself sad, reach out and make someone else happy. If you are feeling lonely, find someone lonelier and spend time with them. If you are hungry, find someone to share food with. In all these things, fill yourself with gratitude and love, and then give it away. This is the objective of today.

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“To become an Instrument of Peace, one must first live a peace-filled existence. In spite of external situations/experiences, it is important to detach yourself and know that you ARE Peace, so BE Peace. That influence will shine brighter than the biggest protest rally.” _/|\_

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“Whatever happens today, know that everything is an experience that is needed to help you along in your journey. Embrace the experience(s) with openness, love, Light, and gratitude. Be IN the moment and do not worry about what past and what is to come. There is a reason for everything…” ~ Leyla Hur

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Everything is in the attitude of the mind. You can be happy in the midst of sadness, positive in the center of negativity, wealthy in the bleakness of poverty… How you CHOOSE to accept situations and things, is up to you. You can also CHANGE your attitude in an instant. So, if you are feeling downcast with your current situation, seek joy in the smallest thing(s) and build on it until you are radiating complete joy and Divine Love. _/|\_

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Some believe that I am a ball of complete positives, and that negativity never touches me. That I live with my head in the clouds and do not know of the sorrow that surrounds this world. This is an untrue statement. Yes, it is true, I CHOOSE to be happy and surround myself with positive influences and experiences, but earth-grounded physical life, comes with situations that bring sorrow and pain and chaos, for all people - even enlightened ones. How we choose to experience the situation(s) is key.

The best thing to do is to acknowledge that there is dis-comfort occurring. FEEL the emotions that are flowing through you. Experience them and allow yourself to flow with the emotions. Understand that even during the most devastating experiences, that that time will pass. That in time, you will smile again, even laugh again… and most importantly you will breathe effortlessly once more.

The only way to reach those times of laughter and joy, is to go through the experience as if you are water flowing down a river. But be certain to not stop in the middle of the river’s flow and therefore drown in the water. This is where many falter, they become stuck and locked in place, they forget to breathe, they forget to continue onward, they allow the weight to push them down and under, they become overwhelmed with FEAR, and it is here that they drown and become locked into the grips of depression.

Until you can realise that even depression is a state of choice, you will be stuck in the perpetual cycle of the negative energies of the situation(s).

Become un-stuck. Reach out to those who are in the Light, in Awareness for support and become prepared to begin to flow along this journey once more. Surround yourself, immerse yourself, in the writings, the teachings, the lessons of those who are enlightened, whose messages are positive and uplifting. Do not permit the EGO of cynicism to spread falsities in your mind and brain, further perpetuating that cycle of depression and negativity. Simply allow the information to flow through you. If at first, you must just let it flow, then do so. Let the Light bathe you. As you begin to become stronger, revisit these lessons of positive messages, and let them digest in you. Begin to embrace them; let yourself become a part of the message(s).

Of course, the best way to prevent the decline into negativity and depression is to choose to not let it affect you in the first place. But we are on this human experience with these human emotions. So, if these things affect you, acknowledge them, surround the situation/individual in loving energy, and choose to move forward into the next present moment.

Remember, every single experience we encounter during this earth-journey is a lesson in learning while upon this incarnation. And each experience will help you to graduate into greater learning, or hold you back to repeat the lesson(s).

Above all, remember to breathe often, during times of stress, we can forget. Meditate and free your mind from the chaos that is externally surrounding you.