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God is everywhere. God is You… In You… Around You… Outside of You… And in God, there is You! Do you “get” that? In other words, God is absolutely everything. Not just some external “figure”. When we embrace this Knowing; Connecting and Becoming becomes much easier. _/|\_

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Everything is in the attitude of the mind. You can be happy in the midst of sadness, positive in the center of negativity, wealthy in the bleakness of poverty… How you CHOOSE to accept situations and things, is up to you. You can also CHANGE your attitude in an instant. So, if you are feeling downcast with your current situation, seek joy in the smallest thing(s) and build on it until you are radiating complete joy and Divine Love. _/|\_

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"When you love Self, you are also loving God. When you love God, you are loving Self. This is because we are each an embodiment of God’s energy. Our Soul’s are a part of the great Divine; therefore, when we truly love Self, we become at One with God." ~ Leyla Hur

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~ Leyla Hur

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You are love. Your very essence is made up of infinite love. So love others, and love your Self, then love others as you love yourSelf. There should be no difference in the love you have for Self and the love you have for others. When you completely embody love, nothing but love can reach you, because you will see everything through the eyes of love, and with that comes absolute acceptance.

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"I Am" - How You Co-Create Your Destiny

When I awoke this morning, just before doing my morning meditation, I felt strongly urged to talk about this concept of “I Am”. Then, as I do often before starting my work, I checked into Facebook and to the Village of Abundance group. And what do I see before my eyes? Yet another confirmation from the Universe that I am on a conducive vibrational frequency, by a small post by my friend Tee Crane, entitled “I Am”.

I chuckle at these things right now, not out of EGO, but rather with a sense of extreme joy. Last night, as I finished writing about Divine DNA and was editing it, I turned on an interview Oprah conducted with Wayne Dyer. He was talking about, what he calls the “spark of God” which is the same thing that I call “Divine DNA”. It was an electrifying moment of confirmation, that I am providing what the Universe knows needs to be heard right now. It truly is an exciting prospect serving as one is meant to serve; going with the flow and allowing the Universe to carry you as It so needs. It’s complete surrender of EGO and Self, and then receiving the knowledge that you’re on track. It’s an extremely powerful experience and emotion.

I do not believe in “coincidence”. I believe that every single thing that happens, happens for a reason. Maybe it is a lesson in learning, maybe it is to help us gauge how far along we are in our progress of growth, and maybe it is simply confirmation telling us that we are exactly where we need to be at this present moment, doing that which we need to be doing which is… Continue reading

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Divine DNA - It Connects Us All

I would like to speak about the Divine DNA.

What is this Divine DNA that I often speak about? And how does it affect each of us?

To answer this, it is important that I delve into many religions, and spiritual, belief that “we are all created in the image of God”. And so, we have to also ask, if this is true, why do we all look different and not the same? Why are there people of varying colours on this world? If we were all some Master Race, created after the image of a Central Being, wouldn’t we all look the same, act the same, like the same things, and have the same thoughts, like some robotic nation? Continue reading…