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Everything is in the attitude of the mind. You can be happy in the midst of sadness, positive in the center of negativity, wealthy in the bleakness of poverty… How you CHOOSE to accept situations and things, is up to you. You can also CHANGE your attitude in an instant. So, if you are feeling downcast with your current situation, seek joy in the smallest thing(s) and build on it until you are radiating complete joy and Divine Love. _/|\_

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"Change", The Theme of the Day

Today, I embark on my journey of this day with an attitude of “change” feeling like an overbearing presence. True, things have been such lately where I’ve had “Up” and “Down” moments, but these have all been external. And by that, I mean, they have been controlled by someone outside of my Be-ing. Information given has created my spirits to soar, or brought be crashing down with a thump. Then the questions of “why?” comes to me…

WHY am I allowing someone else control over my life?

WHY am I allowing outside influences to control my emotions?

WHY am I allowing others to dictate what my path is?

WHY am I allowing myself to be subjected to other’s?

WHY am I allowing myself to lose control over Me?

WHY am I allowing Self to be injured?

WHY am I allowing all this? 

The trending is obvious… “allowing”. I have been giving permission to others to control my moods, my highs and my lows, my concerns, my feelings of being “stuck”, my being held back, my being in a “holding pattern”. I had given up my power and control to others, and then I began to suffer for it. 

Tonight is the full moon. It was quite poignant in what this full moon was creating; change. ” The Full Moon is Tuesday, February 7 at 2:57 PM Mountain Standard Time. If anything is really stuck in your life right now it will show up in its full glory. Use the influence of the full moon to identify what it is and to move something that will begin a shift in the situation. It could be more communication in a stagnant relationship, it could be changing something in your work or it could be finally making a decision you have been putting off. Honor this movement with moving something around in your immediate environment. At the least get some fresh flowers for your home and maybe clean out your fridge. Most of all, have a little humor regarding all the seductive drama around you and practice some neutrality even if what is up for you in your life is difficult. See this time as an opportunity instead of something you must put up with and survive. Enjoy!” It is a period of change for many of us. But we cannot allow the dicates of others to control much of the change. Gandhi so aptly put it “Be the change…”, and while the quote is broken, this is the most important. Be the change you wish to see in the world, in your environment, in every aspect of who YOU are and YOUR world, just simple BE.

Often, with change comes release. Release of energy, release of control over you, and release of physical presences. That might mean spring cleaning, cleaning out your junk closet, or clearing from your life those who hold you back and hold you down - the ones who have been running and dictating your life.

What we each have to continually hold on to is that we are each individuals. We are each unique. No-one has right to hold you down or hold you back, dictate what you can and can not do, play with your emotions or your heart, or give you false hopes. 

But, we cannot control what others choose to do. What we can control is how we react, and how we choose to allow these things to affect us, or if we even choose to allow it at all. 

We each have a voice, and a basic Universal freedom to stand up and say “No! No more!” and then create that change in our lives.

Today, I am undertaking that change. I am releasing that (and those) who have attempted to control different aspects of my life where I felt out of control of. 

It’s a good day. A day of liberation. A day of change. A day to create vacuums to be filled by positives and things which will take me in the direction that I choose to go. 

This is not about EGO-based selfishness, but rather Divine Selfishness, where we receive for the Self in order to become whole for all others.

I am ready, I am excited, and I am jumping off this super highway of consitency and exiting at “Change” and embracing the opportunity to shake things up, and have fun doing so… 

Take a deep breath, and release…