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The Role of the Human Brain in History by Dr Joel Bomane

Tonight’s VOA Radio Show features Dr. Joel Bomane, who discusses the importance of how the physical brain is a tool that is used to create your entire life. He will enlighten you on how your brain creates external, physical manifestations, because of being tied together with current spiritual and emotional beliefs. All this is tied into generations of DNA passed on and working together in tandem. This is a show that you will want to re-listen to over and over! 

Tune in LIVE at 6PM PST/8PM CT/9PM EST or call-in to listen at (323) 792-2972


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"I embrace you with the deepest amount of love. I see YOU and you are absolute perfection. You are perfect love. You are beautiful. You are Divine embodied in human form." ~ Leyla Hur

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"Coming Out", Is It Necessary?

Why does anyone have to “come out”, to make an announcement about the person who they are? A heterosexual person does not one day make an announcement that they are “straight”, so why should anyone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered? Why must we insist on placing labels on ourselves and on others? Why can’t we simply be, know that we are human be-ings first and foremost, solely and only. Who we love, how we love is simply for us. 

The ONLY way we will ever achieve a time where people can simply “Be” without having to make formal announcement in “coming out”, is to stop labeling ourselves. Stop explaining who we are, and just BE who we are, whether we’re gay, straight, bi, pan, trans, etc… etc… etc… 

Let’s live and TRULY live, as we are, how we are, and in so doing, let’s change the world and how we perceive and are perceived. Let’s accept unconditionally, and be and let be.