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“Many people equate Spirituality with religion or a religious path. I don’t believe that one necessarily must equate one to another. And while it is a widely held belief this is the norm, I believe that even athiests and agnostics can be deeply spiritual.

Spirituality, to me, is the acknowledgement of Self. For the individual who believes in an external Diety, this “Self” is the God-within - a part of God dwelling within Self, but for those who are without a religious domination or belief in a Diety, that sense of Self is the conscience.

Believing and acknowledging and KNOWING the Self within, accepting ones-Self unconditionally, is itself a deep spirituality. When one can love their Self unconditionally, separate from EGO, they can accept others around them, their environment, their experiences completely and unconditionally. When one can come to that Self-Centered-ness (again, without the EGO and societies definition of such), one can come to a Completeness and a Oneness. At that time, individuals can then disengage themselves from the situation(s) surrounding them, and can acknowledge them as simply that “situations” and not see the situations as “personal attacks” and dis-ease on the psyche. Once this disengagment of emotion and EGO can be achieved, one can view situations as nothing more than milemarkers to their Self-Spiritual growth, mind-expansion and can then acknowledge situations without becoming emotionally entangled and buried under stress, which can often lead to Self-sabotage.” _/|\_

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